Lab Capabilities

Gas Hydrates

High-Pressure Rocking Cells

Hydrate risk potential and screen chemical performance

  • Pressure rating of 2900 psi (200 bar)
  • Temperature range of 0°F to 104°F
  • Low shear environment
  • 16 cells with sapphire windows, pressure transducers, and rolling ball detectors

High-Pressure Autoclave

Hydrate risk potential and optimize chemical performance

  • Pressure rating of 5000 psi (350 bar)
  • Temperature range of 0°F to 140°F
  • High shear environment
  • Stirrer equipped with torque measurement
  • Visual capabilities in headspace, low in cell, and at gas / liquid interface



Asphaltene onset pressures for individual and mixed fluids

  • Refractometer temperature range of 41°F to 212°F
  • Provides data for modeling of asphaltene precipitation with ASIST model

Turbiscan Tower

Asphaltene and emulsion stability, with and without chemical additives

  • Temperature range of 40°F to 176°F
  • 6 samples can be analyzed simultaneously


Dynamic Scale Loop

Assess scaling risk under field conditions and minimal inhibitor concentration

  • Absolute pressure up to 5,800 psi (400 bar)
  • Differential pressure of 70 psi (5 bar)
  • Temperature range of -13°F to 482°F


Cold Finger

Wax deposition with varying temperature differentials and chemical performance

  • 30 cells @ 80 ml volume each
  • Temperature range of 30°F to 140°F
  • Monitors deposition amount versus time

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Wax appearance temperature, wax content, and precipitation curve

  • Temperature range of -40°F to 1292°F
  • Cooling rate of 0.036°F/min to 90°F/min

Cross Polarized Microscope

Wax appearance temperature and crystal growth morphology

  • Temperature range of -4°F to 212°F



Fluid flow characterization including waxes, emulsions, and hydrates

  • Temperature range of -4°F to 392°F
  • Pressure rating to 5,800 psi (400 bar)

High Pressure Viscometer

Viscosity of fluids at high temperatures and high pressures

  • Temperature range of 0°F to 365°F
  • Pressure rating to 20,000 psi (1376 bar)

Other Capabilities

  • Emulsion stability testing
  • Thermal centrifuge
  • Material compatibility testing
  • Chemical stability analysis
  • Corrosion assessment
  • Deposition analysis

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